We also have prayer meetings Wednesday at 11 am and 7 pm.

What does a worship service look like?

We emphasize expository preaching during the sermon for worship. This simply means we try to preach and teach what the Bible says by opening our Bibles and taking one passage as the main text. We emphasize corporate singing as our response to God and hearing God's Word in the Bible has His announcement to us.

We want our worship to be joyful, biblical, expressive, participatory, God-honoring. 

What is your worship style?

Our worship style is blended, a mix of contemporary songs and traditional hymns. We try to encourage everyone to use their musical gifts so sometimes we have a piano, other times a guitar, sometimes both or other instruments. Our services also have Scripture reading and a prayer time.  You'll find diversity here...great hymns to new melodies, new hymns that capture your heart, worship music that focuses our attention on the Savior. It's not the style that matters...as long as it in worthy of the God we worship!

What should I wear to services?

Come in whatever makes you comfortable. Some like to wear a tie and dress, others are comfortable in jeans and t-shirt. Come as you are. The Lord looks at the heart not the outward appearance.

Do you have children's church?

We do. All the children join the service for the time of singing. Younger children up through elementary school are dismissed right before the sermon to children's church for a kids Bible lesson.

We also have nursery available for young babies.

We are committed to regular expository preaching.

Expository preaching means that we try to explain what the Bible says and means and then apply it to our lives. The Bible is God's Word and they way we use the Bible in the church seeks to honor this commitment. Here are some reasons we are committed to expository preaching and why it is vital for our spiritual health and church life.