By God's grace, what will we accomplish?

  1. We will prepare saints for glory.
  2. We will pass the faith on to the next generation.
  3. We will raise up the next generation of church leaders, pastors, & missionaries.
  4. We will reproduce through church planting.

Core Values:

Expository Teaching and Preaching—We believe that the Bible is the sole authority in faith and life. Therefore we will teach and preach from the Bible in our ministries. We will focus on teaching the whole counsel of God’s will and making faith application to people’s lives.

God-Centered Worship— All things were created for the glory of God and human beings were created especially to glorify God and worship Him. Therefore, our worship will be God centered, biblically sound, purposeful, participatory, and will be at the very heart of all we do.

Loving Relationships—God is love and those who know Him are to love one another. Therefore, we will pursue biblical unity, building strong and lasting relationships, exhorting and encouraging one another, and bearing one another’s burdens, in our shared pursuit of holiness.

Everyone’s a Missionary— God is a missional God who desires to take the good news of His reign and the redemption offered in Jesus into the world. Therefore, we will be a body that encourages and equips each member to be a gospel witness in their circles of influence. We will partner with and support those God has called to church planting and missions.

Prayer— Because all that we do is by divine enabling, prayer is essential to the life of the Church. Therefore, prayer will be an integral part of all aspects of the church's ministry. 

Growth in Grace—God has given us the riches of His grace and mercy. We are firmly committed doctrinally to the solas of the Reformation. We see this growth as coming by grace, through the diligent exercise of spiritual disciplines, and through intentional discipleship resulting in joyful obedience to the commands of Scriptures and submission to the Lordship of Jesus.

Exercise of Spiritual Gifts—The body of Christ is made up of many members who are all one in Christ and the Holy Spirit but who are given different spiritual gifts. We will mobilize members to identify and use their spiritual gift for the building up of one another, evangelizing and making disciples, and obeying the command that we love one another.

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