The year was 1914, and Woodrow Wilson was president. War had just broken out in Europe. The Panama Canal was open for traffic.  In York, the first motorized fire equipment was nearly three years away, but the increase in automobiles on city streets prompted a movement to abolish the last of tolls in the city.

That summer, a team of Mennonite Brethren in Christ church planters came to York. They were members of the denomination’s Gospel Herald Society and their mission was to expand the church into new areas. They erected a tent in the 500 block of W. College Ave. in York. Some meetings well held in downtown York during the day and nightly in the tent for a number of weeks.

That fall, living quarters were purchased in the 200 block of E. Princess St. A frame meetinghouse was constructed next door. Services were held Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Tent meetings continued to be held during the summer for several years as a means of outreach.

In 1927, the ministry was elevated to the status of a mission.  The following year, the work was declared to be self-supporting and was designated a church. In the years that have ensued, the church moved to the 900 block of N. Duke St. and in 1974 to its present location at 675 Woodland View Dr. in Manchester Township. In 1959, the name of the denomination was changed to the Bible Fellowship Church.  

In 1974, we moved to our present location and into a new building on Woodland View Drive in Manchester Township of York, Pennsylvania. Right outside Emigsville, Pa., the property was donated and was originally surrounded by farmlands. Over the years, the community continued to grow and homes were added to the neighborhood. We are now surrounded by homes and a township park. We want to impact the community where God has placed us and continue to reach those around us, in the city, and in York County. We believe that God places His church in a mission field that is ripe for harvest. 

On November 8th and 9th of 2014, the church celebrated 100 years of ministry in the community of York. The parsonage was renovated, and Pastor Tim Bertolet came to the church with his family as the new pastor.

In November of 2018, Pastor Tim went on sabbatical to provide him with the time and energy necessary to work on issues in his marriage and family. Since November, Ricardo Vargas and Alex Kocman have served in the pulpit. In May of 2019, Pastor Tim tendered his resignation due to these continuing difficulties. The surrogate elders, transition team, and congregation covet your prayers during this season of change. We praise God for his faithfulness through every season, and we are confident that our sovereign Lord will continue to mightily build His church.