Looking for a community friendly Bible Church in York County, Pa.? We're glad you found us! Check us out and visit us. Sunday Worship is 10:30am

It can be hard to know what to look for in a church. We want to encourage you in your search that you might let the Bible, God's Word, set the priorities. We count it a privilege to be among a number of good Bible teaching churches in York, Pa. that. minister the gospel. We rejoice wherever the Word of God is being shared and God is genuinely at work. We'd like to thank you for visiting our website. In your search for a church, we hope you'll consider visiting. A website can only tell you so much, we hope you'll consider visiting us on Sunday for worship.

What Kind of Church are We?

We are an evangelical church which focuses on teaching and preaching the Bible. We believe the Bible is the Word of God and has no errors. We hold to the core teaching of the Bible concerning God, Jesus, and salvation.

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Our you looking for directions? We are easily accessible, just off of North George Street, not far from Route 30 and Route 83 in Northern York County. Get Directions Here.

We emphasize the GOSPEL>> and are committed to the GRACE OF GOD.

We have a rich history of over a 100 years of ministering in the community of York, Pa. We started out in the city and we still love the city. But we aren't stuck in the past. We are excited about actively being part of God's plan to take His good news into the world. We still have a fresh vision to reach the lost and see God work to build His church.

We want to build disciples and help people reconnect with the God who made them and loves them.

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Service Times

Sunday School: 9:30am  Children & Adult Classes

Morning Worship: 10:30 am  

--- Children's church & nursery available

Wednesday Prayer meeting at 11:00am

675 Woodland View Drive, York, Pa.

yorkbfc@gmail.com; 717-846-7749

Worship Style

The Lord is most concerned that we worship Him in Spirit and truth (John 4:24). Colossians 4:16 commands that the Word of Christ should dwell in us through singing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual hymns. We want the main focus of worship to be (1) who we address and (2) what we say about Him. Stylistically, we use the gifts of music God has placed in our church family--which includes both more traditional hymns sung to a piano and some contemporary songs sometimes with piano, guitar, or other instruments people are able to play.

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Sermons Online

We are committed to preaching and teaching God's Word. We regularly preach through books of the Bible and are committed to the belief that God grows His people as they are exposed to the whole counsel of His Word. You can listen here. Please subscribe to the feed and re-share them on social media! 

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Our Mission

We exist to magnify Jesus Christ, proclaim God’s Word, love one another, and reach the lost so Jesus might transform lives and build His Church.

Welcome from our Pastor

Hi! Welcome! I’m so glad you found us. I hope you’ll explore our website, connect via social media, and then visit for a face to face connection with Christian who seeking to love the Lord and others. Blessings, Pastor Tim.
I've been privileged to be the pastor here since January 2015, and we are excited about what we believe God will do to re-grow our church and make it a part of His Kingdom! 

I've been privileged to be the pastor here since January 2015, and we are excited about what we believe God will do to re-grow our church and make it a part of His Kingdom! 

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Our name is a reflection of who we are: We are Faith Bible Fellowship Church of York

  1. We believe that a person is saved only through FAITH in Jesus Christ alone. There is nothing that we can add or contribute to salvation. It is a gift to be received.

  2. We believe the BIBLE is God's Word; it does not have errors.

  3. We believe believers should live in community together. We are to share our lives in genuine FELLOWSHIP because the Lord has brought us into FELLOWSHIP with Jesus Christ Himself.

  4. We are an assembly of God's people which He calls CHURCH. A church is nothing more than the body of Christ.

  5. We are of York county, Pa. It's the community where God has placed us to love and reach out. We are a local expression of the body of Christ in York. This is where God's placed us for His purposes of missions and building up disciples. We are called to go back into the community and take God's Word with us.