We believe that there is one God who exists in three eternal persons. Jesus Christ, God the Son, came to earth, was crucified, was buried, rose again, ascended into heaven and is seated at God's right hand. Salvation is in Jesus alone.


The Bible is the Inspired Word of God and is without error. It is the supreme and final authority for faith and conduct. It contains the message of salvation which is found in Jesus Christ alone and is our perfect instruction for every area of our lives and beliefs.

God is Triune. God is one God existing in three eternal persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three persons are one God coequal in power, glory, and majesty.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of the virgin, through His suffering death He has made provision for the salvation of all who will trust Him as Lord and Savior. He is truly God and in the fullness of time he became truly man. On the cross, Jesus Christ perfectly paid the penalty of sin for all who will receive Him and profess faith and trust in Him.

Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone for the glory of God alone.  We are evangelical and believe in God’s sovereignty over all of life and in salvation. We believe in the bodily, pre-millennial return of Jesus Christ.

Our entire doctrinal statement consists of 28 Articles, you can read them or download them below:

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All are welcome to come and worship with us! Come see and hear what we believe. Learn to live out the truth. We do identify key truths in the Bible that we are grounded upon.

Key Truths:

Authority of Scripture--God's Word is inerrant
The Trinity-- God is one God in three eternal persons.
Jesus Christ-- Jesus Christ is eternally and truly God who took on true humanity. He is the only way of salvation.
Death of Christ-- We believe that Christ died for our sins in our place taking the punishment that we deserve.
Holy Spirit-- We believe that the Holy Spirit regenerates a person and imparts new spiritual life so that they are "born again."
Justification by Faith Alone-- Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. When we believe in Jesus we are granted a gift of righteousness from Jesus so that we can stand before God.

We are evangelical. 

We believe and practice baptism by immersion.

We are Reformed in our view of salvation.

  • We believe in the truths that were rediscovered in Scripture during the Reformation. We believe in the doctrines of grace:
  • Every aspect of humanity's being is corrupted and tainted by sin
  • Human beings cannot save themselves.
  • Salvation is impossible in man apart from the work of God. When God works upon an individual His power is so great that He accomplishes their salvation. God alone saves us. We cannot contribute any work to salvation.
  • Those who are truly saved will continue to walk in faith by the grace of God and God will not loose those who belong to Him.